About Us

About NewLine.ai

About NewLine.ai

NewLine.ai was founded on the idea that technology solves complex problems in a beautifully uncomplicated way.

Drawing on our lending background, the platform we have designed and built dramatically improves the entire lending experience for our clients, their customers and their staff in an affordable and efficient way.

What We Do

What we do


We strive to work smarter and more collaboratively than anyone in the lending software space to create customized high-performing digital lending solutions that deliver results.

Delivery platformDelivery Platform

We Incorporate our client's Ideas and concerns to help us design and deliver platform and technology advancements that become essential elements of a superior customer experience.
NewLine.AI Careers

NewLine.ai Careers

NewLine.ai is more than a SaaS company. NewLine.ai helps people realize their full potential so they can create meaningful impact at work, home and in their communities. As an innovation hub, we fully embrace a bold approach to solving problems and surpassing goals.

Daily life at NewLine.ai centers around a culture of learning from and taking care of each other, which has made us one of the most desirable places to work. Our commitment to our team, customers and culture is intertwined, so we seek those who embody and embrace what It takes to empower the American dream.

Join Our Team

Our Team

We are passionate about helping you bring your customers a truly superior digital borrowing experience

Raymond Brown

Raymond Brown

Chief Credit Officer
Kevin Small

Kevin Small

David Nearhoof

David Nearhoof

Senior Vice President